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The New Subaru Levorg

That moment when you've reached excellence in life—it feels great. And it feels even better when you're achieving highly in multiple areas. Some call it perfectionism; others consider it living life to the fullest. For those who continually strive to be better at everything, the Subaru Levorg was created.

There's a place where design and technology intersect, where form and function stand on equal ground. The Subaru Levorg exists in this sweet spot, blending useful functionality with eye-pleasing aesthetics wherever you look.


Subaru's cutting-edge driving support system. Like a second pair of eyes for the road ahead, EyeSight uses two stereo cameras capturing three-dimensional colour images with excellent image recognition, nearly as capable as the human eye. Using images from both cameras to precisely determine the shape, speed and distance, it not only detects vehicles, but also motorbikes, bicycles and pedestrians.*2 When spotting potential danger, it warns the driver and even applies the brakes if necessary, to help avoid an accident. With improved safety performance like this, EyeSight reduces the burden on the driver and enhances your sense of security in the Levorg. Rest assured in the knowledge that the Levorg was recently awarded a 5 Star Euro NCAP Rating.



      Subaru Levorg 1.6i GT Lineartronic £29,995 OTR

      The newest member of the SUBARU BOXER engine family, the 1.6-litre DIT engine achieves an ideal balance between efficiency, powerful performance, and low emissions. Utilising both direct fuel injection and a twin-scroll turbocharger results in more power and decreased petrol consumption, despite having a smaller displacement vs. previous generations.

      Your World. Your Space

      Think of it as less of an “interior" and more of “your personal space." No different than an office, home, or any other space where you'll spend a lot of your time, the Subaru Levorg interior keeps you blissfully content with materials that are soft to the touch and supportive, with quality that allows it to endure the test of time. It's a place of taste and class—a reflection of your own sensibilities.

      Seating Design

      The engaging driving experience of the Subaru Levorg is accentuated by front seats that support drivers and passengers in all the right places, helping maintain a balance of both comfort and control for a safer, more enjoyable driving experience.

      D-shaped Steering Wheel

      There's a reason so much thought went into it—the steering wheel is your main connection to the driving experience. Beyond the sporty, D-shaped design, the steering wheel of the Subaru Levorg is easily gripped and manipulated, thanks to its sculpted shape and grip-worthy feel.


      Technology should only add simplicity to your life, not the other way around. The Subaru Levorg simplifies the driving experience by integrating your life into the vehicle seamlessly, so you can stay entertained, informed and connected, without losing site of the most important thing—getting there and back safe and sound.


      Like a built-in smartphone for your car, having the SUBARU STARLINK*1 infotainment system lets you access internet radio, entertaining apps, and much more. Control it with the tablet-like 7-inch centre touchscreen, multifunction steering wheel controls, or one-shot voice recognition*2. If you can't find your favourite music, connect your iPhone*3, smartphone or other mobile music device via the USB or standard AUX jack.

      Multifunction Display

      Positioned to be clearly visible with minimal distraction as you drive, this display shows you a variety of information that puts you in touch with your vehicle.

      Touchscreen Control

      Using the touchscreen is an easy way to select your music, just as you would on your smartphone. Simply connect your smartphone through Bluetooth®*4 or the USB port, and you can choose your music right on the touchscreen.

      Voice Recognition*2

      Intuitive Voice Recognition*2 can understand phrases and dialogues to enter and interact with navigation, hands-free telephone and audio systems for added ease in every drive.

      Steering Wheel-mounted Controls

      Steering wheel-mounted controls place audio controls conveniently at your fingertips, and an available Bluetooth®*4 hands-free system automatically links with your smartphone to help keep you focused on the road.

      *1 Driver is always responsible for safe and attentive driving. Please refrain from operating the touchscreen whilst driving. Package communications fee may be charged depending on your area. *2 Voice Recognition is compatible with select languages only and cannot accept all languages. *3 Apple, iPhone and iPod are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. *4 Bluetooth is a registered trademark of Bluetooth SIG, Inc. America.


      Imagine the possibilities

      The Subaru Levorg is a vehicle built for people with full lives, always living life to the fullest. That's why it's versatile enough for all the activities, passions, sports and interests that you live for, with ample cargo space and flexibility for your endeavours.

      Sub-trunk Storage Area

      Beneath the main cargo area of the Subaru Levorg, you can use the sub-trunk to store delicate items for safe transport inside the portioned space, with a total of 40 litres of volume*1.

      60/40 Folding Rear Seats

      For bulkier or odd-shaped items such as golf bags or skis, the 60/40 folding rear seats can adapt accordingly.

      Wider Opening for Easier Access

      It's easy to move items in and out of the voluminous cargo area of the Subaru Levorg, thanks to its rear door. When fully extended, users have wide open access to the Subaru Levorg's 522 litres of storage space*2.

      *1 Measured by VDA.

      *2 Measured by VDA (V211).


      Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive

      There's a reason Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive system is respected around the world. When road conditions are demanding, it delivers control and composure where other vehicles stumble by evenly distributing power to all four wheels. The benefits are immediately apparent—more controlled cornering, better traction in slippery conditions, and enhanced acceleration. The overall sensation is that driving becomes an easier, safer and more enjoyable affair.

      Subaru Boxer Engine

      The horizontally opposed configuration of the SUBARU BOXER engine places the pistons 180 degrees apart, for a lower, flatter profile than that of other engine types. This gives the engine, and overall vehicle, a lower centre of gravity, a lower profile, and a more balanced distribution of weight.

      Unlike traditional “inline" or “v" engine configurations, the pistons' opposing movements inherently counteract each other, naturally helping to reduce vibration without the need for counter-balancers, which add weight and complexity.

      Vehicle Dynamics Control System

      Vehicle Dynamics Control System uses an array of sensors to monitor and analyse the vehicle's motion in relation to driver input and driving conditions. To help the driver maintain control, Vehicle Dynamics Control System adjusts AWD torque distribution, engine output, and braking force to each wheel, resulting in a more predictable and safe driving experience. Active Torque Vectoring will strategically apply braking forces, shifting torque to the outside wheels during a turn, resulting in increased steering responsiveness and more control.

      Subaru collision avoidance: EyeSight

      Avoiding a collision in the first place is the best way to say safe. So Subaru engineers looked at how a vehicle could make sense of its surroundings. Their answer was EyeSight – a two camera, stereo imaging system. Capturing high resolution 3D colour images and processing them in real-time, EyeSight detects and interprets its environment on the move.

      For more information click here.

      Terms & Conditions

      On the road price includes VAT, delivery, number plates, 12 months road fund licence and first registration fee. Every vehicle marketed by Subaru (UK) Ltd, excluding WRX STI, is covered by a 5 Year/100,000 mile (whichever comes sooner) Limited Warranty which comprises of a standard 3 Year / 60,000 mile (whichever is sooner) Manufacturer's Warranty (bumper to bumper, excluding clutch driven plate) and an Extended Warranty (applies to powertrain only) provided by the importer. Optional special paint finishes extra at £550. MPG figures are official EU test figures for comparative purposes and may not reflect real driving results.

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      The New Subaru Levorg