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Subaru celebrates the volunteers that make Point-to-Point

Point-to-Point is an amazing sport, it’s good fun and it is a great way of socializing. All Point-to-Point meetings across the UK are run by volunteers.

If you love to attend Point-to-Point and have ever wondered how you could get more involved, there are lots of volunteering opportunities you might never have thought of. From car park attendants to race card sellers, serving refreshments in a marquee to selling tickets at the gate, selling Tote or taking declarations, these are all important jobs done by volunteers.

As well as getting to know your local pointing community better, you get free entry, get to see what goes on behind the scenes, and you can get up close to the action. Volunteers are essential to the running of Point-to-Point races. In fact many Point-to-Point races need more than 100 volunteers to go ahead, so those prepared to give a little time to volunteer at a meeting are highly appreciated by all the sport’s participants and are an integral part of a Point-to-Point meeting.

There is always the need for extra pairs of hands to help with the preparation too, so whether you’re handy with a hammer or a laptop there is a role to suit everyone.

To find out more on volunteering at Point-to-Point events visit:

Subaru is proud to be supporting the Subaru Restricted Point-to-Point series for a second year and they have further increased their support of the sport with the addition of the Subaru Restricted Championship. To help celebrate the volunteers that make these events possible, Subaru would like to give your Point-to-Point heroes a small gift of thanks.

If you know a volunteer that deserves a thank you we would love to hear why. This season Subaru will be selecting a few volunteers with great stories to tell and celebrating their work.

Email your nomination along with a few lines to say why they are so special to:

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